Kebidu 2*3W Amplifier DC 5V MP3 WMA Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Decoder Board Audio Module USB FM TF Record Radio AUX input For Car-in MP3 Player from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress

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Main control IC: AC5322B
Bluetooth IC: AC5322B Bluetooth version is version 5.0
Music format: MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC / APE lossless format music
Power: 2*3W(
connect 2 pieces of 3W speakers) 
Radio FM frequency: 87.5-107.5 MHZ
Support function introduction: support MP3 / USB / TF / LINE IN / FM / BLUETOOTH / DC 5V
About the structure: panel size: 85 * 32 MM, the depth of the board is 33 MM

Packing List:

Bluetooth 5.0 DC 5V Amplifier Decoder Board * 1 
Cable *4

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① Mic: Support Call
② TF: Supports TF cards (up to 32GB)
③ AUX: Audio Input Interface
④ DC  5V: Charging Interface
⑤ ON/OFF: Power Switch
⑥ USB: Connect to U disk ( up to 32GB)
⑦ VOL-: Short press is the last song; Long press is the volume reduction.
⑧ PLAY/PAUSE: Short press is the switch between pause and playback; Long press is the radio FM automatic station.
⑨ VOL+: Short press is to choose the next song; Long press is to increase the volume.
1. Support MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC / APE
2, Power amplifier :2 * 3W
3, Support: MP3 / USB(U disk) / TF / LINE IN / FM / BLUETOOTH / DC 5V
4. Radio FM Frequency Band: 87.5MHZ-108.0MHZ
5, Power failure memory function
6, Remote Control Distance: 5-10M 
7. Four Button: the previous song / play pause / next song / MODE
1. VOL-button (previous song/volume reduction): In MP3 state, VOL-short press is the previous song, long press is for volume reduction; in FM state, short press to adjust one station number; in Bluetooth Short press under the function is the last song of Bluetooth, long press to decrease the volume.
2. AUTO button (play/pause): In the MP3 state, AUTO is short pressed to play/pause; in FM state, short press is play/pause, long press is for automatic receiving and saving; in Bluetooth function, short press to play /time out.
3, VOL + button (the next song / volume increase): In the MP3 state, VOL + short press for the next song, long press for the volume to increase; short press in the FM state to adjust a station number; under the Bluetooth function Short press for the next song of Bluetooth, long press for the volume to decrease.
4. MODE button: switch between USB/SD/FM/AUX/Bluetooth function.
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