2017 NEW new Red 0 30V 2mA 3A Continuously Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply DIY Kit for school education-in Replacement Parts & Accessories from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress

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This circuit voltage can be from 0 v, output current can be ma from 2 to 3 a continuously adjustable, set the output current, if the experiment circuit exceeds the current (including short circuit), the circuit protection immediately, not cause danger such as burning device, it is electronic manufacture's right-hand man. It is never afraid of the fireworks! Like making all kinds of audio circuit friend, often due to the different working voltage and circuit have a headache, this circuit can also two series into a dual power supply, can meet the needs of all sorts of use. 


Input voltage: 24V AC 
Input current: 3A maximum 
Output voltage: 0 to 30V continuous adjustable 
Output current: 2mA - 3A continuously adjustable 
output voltage ripple: minimum 0.01% 
All straight inserted element, make easy, only an adjustable components ( used to adjust the voltage of 0 v ) 
LED indicator for output over current, when the current exceeds the set data circuit protection, LED lighting, over load and short circuit protection Minimum current (2mA) under the measurable leds and zener diode 


Power production belongs to the high voltage large current circuit, please be sure to carefully, otherwise may cause harm to the personal safety 

Package included: 

1 x Adjustable DC Regulated Power Supply DIY Kit